Music 450/550b

Music 450/550b, Special Topics in Music, Multimedia Art, and Technology

Music 450/550b is an advanced seminar focusing on creating and analyzing electronic music using the visual programming environment Max/MSP/Jitter. The course investigates non-linear approaches to composition and narrative, performance practice in the digital era, and the changing roles of composer, performer, audience member, and instrument designer.

Topics include human computer interaction (HCI), instrument design, alternative controllers, data mapping, algorithmic composition, real-time Digital Signal Processing, communication over the network, and programming for mobile devices.

In addition to developing a working knowledge of the visual programming environment Max/MSP/Jitter, this course will examine important pieces in the repertoire of live electronics, interactive and immersive installation art, and multi-media performance. Next offered in Spring 2014.

Visit the Spring 2014 Music 450/550b website here.