Below you will find both guides (in the form of linked-content) and step-by-step instructions for accomplishing Audio/Video tasks using the YalMusT Labs.

How can I edit a sound file?  (Add fades, change volume, etc.)

Editing Sound Files with Audacity

How can I rip, edit, or duplicate a (non-copyright protected) DVD?

Ripping, Editing, Duplicating DVDs

How do I insert a sound file in a PowerPoint presentation?

PowerPoint Audio Guide

How do I make an audio CD?

Making an audio CD in the lab is easy. 

  • Open iTunes

  • Click File–>Add to Library… and select your music tracks.

  • Select the tracks you just imported and press shift+cmd+N to create a new Playlist from the tracks.

  • Under the Playlist menu select your playlist and then click File–>Burn Playlist to Disc.

  • Choose the settings you wish in the settings pop-up and click Burn.

How do I make an archival/data CD-R?

Making a data CD is even easier than making an audio CD.  Simply insert your CD into the iMac.  When the Finder asks you what to do with the blank CD, choose ‘mount…’  Once you can see the CD icon on the desktop, simply drag-and-drop the files you want to burn onto the icon.  Then, right-click (control+click) on the CD icon and choose “burn” from the pop-up menu.  The Finder will alert you when the burning is complete.