Music 315a

Music 315a, Fundamentals of Music Technology

Fundamental principles of music technology including sound recording and reproduction, digital audio, digital signal processing, audio synthesis techniques, musical acoustics, and psychoacoustics.  Emphasis on the theory of music technology through investigations into the tools used to analyze, perform, and compose electroacoustic and computer-generated music.

Music 325 entails a study of the tools used to create, understand, and perform electronic and computer music.  The overall focus is weighted equally between theoretical investigations and practical applications. Historical developments in media technology will be discussed. Topics include musical acoustics, digital audio recording and editing, audio mixing, audio effects and signal processing, the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and Open Sound Control (OSC), digital synthesis, digital audio workstations (DAWs), MIDI sequencing, algorithms in music, and an introduction to computer music programming languages.

The coursework emphasizes quantitative reasoning skills including creative problem solving using procedural and algorithmic methodologies, as well as traditional physics and math-based exercises in audio engineering, musical acoustics, and digital signal processing

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