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Workshop: Introduction to SuperCollider

This coming Thursday and Friday are the first workshops of the year.  SuperCollider headlines.  Meanwhile, today from 3-5pm we will be hanging out in Stoeckel Hall room 405 trying to get the Raspberry Pi 7” LCD touch screen to work.  Good times guaranteed for all!  For info about the workshops this week, please see below (copied from the poster above.)

First OMI Meetup

The first OMI meetup was held last Thursday. We installed Ubuntu 14.04 alongside Windows 8 on a custom-made desktop and installed a low-latency kernel and some additional packages.  Ultimately, we want to have a turn key system whereby it is simple for anyone to install our custom image.  For that, though, we cannot use the same system (CloneZilla) that we use to deploy images to the cluster machines.

New Additions

We are continuing to put things together in the labs.  The more recent addition is the 80” additional TV in the advanced lab.  This TV mirrors the existing monitor and makes it easier for spill-over people in 401 to see what is on the screen.  We are also adding new MIDI controllers in 402 in the form of Novation 25SL MkIIs and MPD18s.  The Axiom Pro 61s will be swapped out to 405. Stay tuned for more updates and additions.

Workshops for Composers and Performers

I have been working on a double album release of a series of concerts I recorded with Professor Brian Kane between 2010 and 2012.  The process consists of collecting the original files, re-mastering them, bouncing them, writing to media (CD, cassette, MP3) and creating the media packaging, covers, inserts and information.  I enjoy the process because I love when the finished project is exactly what I want and it looks and sounds great. 

YalMusT Labs Site Up-and-Running!

We are happy to announce that the YalMusT Labs Yalesite is up and running.  Content is being updated and new content is being added all the time.  Please see the News section for important updates on upcoming events, workshops, concerts and more.  Also be sure to check out the Blogs section to get an inside view into the happenings in the YalMusT Labs.

See you soon!

-Dr. P

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