Workshop: Introduction to SuperCollider

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
This coming Thursday and Friday are the first workshops of the year.  SuperCollider headlines.  Meanwhile, today from 3-5pm we will be hanging out in Stoeckel Hall room 405 trying to get the Raspberry Pi 7” LCD touch screen to work.  Good times guaranteed for all!  For info about the workshops this week, please see below (copied from the poster above.)
SuperCollider is a free, open source audio programming language capable of real-time synthesis, algorithmic composition, live digital signal processing and more. If you are interested in programming and music, this is the language for you. In this workshop we will cover installation and setup as well as an basic object-oriented programming concepts before launching into SC3 proper. No prior experience with programming required.
where: Stoeckel Hall RM 405
when: 15.10.2015 @ 5pm && 16.10.2015 @ 1pm